Bengals Bengals in Minnesota

The Queens
Spotogold Wild Asia: Parents are Drinkwater Zakaria of Seagold Nairobi Kahaba Queen
Spotsnglitz Karmlswirl of Spotogold : Parents are RW SGC Snopride Wurthgold of Spotsnglitz
and Spotsnglitz Chic ...available as a spayed pet, September, 2010.  Very loving cat, super friendly, loves to be petted!  $400 including spay!           
Gogees Rock Me of Spotogold...parents are Gogees Breaking News and Gogees French Kiss
Fat tail, straight profile, good ears and rosettes to die for.
The Kings
Oakland Hills Sheada of Spotogold :  Parents are Matahari Grease Lightning and Cazpurr Takara
I have 3 new up and coming silver females that will start their breeding career in summer of 2009
Spotogold Kaasey
Gogees Soto of Spotogold
Spotogold Emir Kashmir...parents are Gogees Rock Me of Gogees Genesis of Spotogold.
Huge head, short fat tail, and great profile!  Softest coat I've ever felt!