Available bengal kittens

Kittens prices range from $600 to $1500 as pets and $1500 and up as breeders.  All kittens will be altered before leaving here. Cost of $70 for neuter or $85 for spay is responsibility of buyer. Checks,  are welcome as deposits but when you pick up kitten I accept only cash  .
  All kittens come with a set of  vacc's  at  10 wks.  Kittens are ready to go at 12 weeks. If you would like to have a kitten held for you a NON REFUNDABLE deposit of $200 pet / $500 breeder will lock in your kitten.  If you are inquiring for a breeder you must have appropriate housing , no small cages.  

*  People are more then welcome to come visit their kittens before they are ready to go. 
Dont forget to go to my please read page  and contract page before leaving.
                                              Vaccination and Feeding Information:
I do not believe in yearly vaccinations. I do kitten series and 1 adult booster.  Also I strongly recommend feeding healthy pet foods containing no by-products, wheat, soy or corn.  I also feed plenty of fresh meat and soft (canned) food or real chicken/turkey.  I also use good quality probiotics
Got kitties ???
Shipping charges : $140  pet......$200 breeder. Continental ships animals to most large airports all year long. If your kitten/cat is over 4lbs, about 14 weeks +,  they  charge an extra $75 . I ship in the US and to Canada. 

       Bengals are VERY energetic. Sold in pairs            this will benefit you and them both
My Cats
Darrin's cell # 651-206-7781  
I am located in Pine City, Mn only 1/2 mile off interstate 35.
These 4 links are a required reading before you give me a deposit......
1. cat feeding 
2. vaccinations
3. declawing
4. bring baby home

My cats are currently eating Chicken Soup and Authority
Contact Darrin at 651-206-7781

Currently, as of 12-31-16, I have 3 browns and 2 silvers with show quality rosettes!  Please call/text/email for more information and pics.